A sense of empty

Usually I imagine having a conversation with foreigners, thinking how to express my thoughts. The latest one is on the bus. While I stand next to the door, attempting to balance myself, someone rushes to ask, "Where should I get off the bus? I'm going to the Taipei City Hall." That's where I'm going, too, but, guess what? I look out of the window and feel confused. Why the bus moves reversely? With hesitation, I reply, "It seems we should get off right now."
"Then, why don't you get off?", he says.

"Because I do take the correct bus! The only problem is that the bus is moving toward a wrong direction.", I say. I know I'm in a dream, and this is really a ridiculous talk.

"What are you hesitating about?"

Suddenly, I'm not knowing what to say. Not until I'm shocked by his words and look at him with my eyebrows knitted do I realize I'm chatting with Schweinsteiger in my dream.

"What did you mean?"

"I mean you should get off right now." He look straight into my eyes.

"Doesn't it be what you're supposed to do?" What's going on? It is he that is urgent to go to the Taipei City Hall. He asks me first!

"Aren't we in your dream?" He smiles, and my eyes are wide.

Having not comprehended what he is saying, I wake up with a start.

Are you telling me that I should get off right now?